Yoshi's Crafted World is a Nintendo Switch game by Nintendo. It is a platformer with a arts & crafts aesthetic.


Most Mario and Yoshi amiibo are compatible with the game. Amiibo unlock new costumes for Yoshi to use. Each amiibo costume gives +5 armor to Yoshi. Each Yoshi can have a different costume. Compatible amiibo grants a costume themed after the amiibo character used. Incompatible amiibo does the "amiibo box" costume.

  • Any Mario amiibo: Unlocks the Mario costume.
  • Any Peach amiibo: Unlocks the Peach costume.
  • Any Bowser amiibo: Unlocks the Bowser costume.
  • Any Luigi amiibo: Unlocks the Luigi costume.
  • Toad: Unlocks the Toad costume.
  • Any Yoshi amiibo: Unlocks the Yoshi costume.
  • Any Yarn Yoshi amiibo: Unlocks the Yarn Yoshi costume.
  • Poochy: Unlocks the Poochy costume.
  • Koopa Troopa: Unlocks the Koopa Troopa costume.
  • Any: Unlocks the amiibo box costume.


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