Waluigi is a figure in the second Wave of the Super Mario line of Amiibo. It was released on North America and Europe on October 4th, 2016.


Game Platform Scans as... Read/Write? Description
Yoshi's Woolly World 3DS Waluigi (Super Mario series figure) Read Only Unlock a Waluigi themed Yoshi for use anytime.
Super Mario Maker Wii U Waluigi Read Only Unlock a Waluigi Mystery Mushroom costume with voice clips.
Mario Party: Star Rush 3DS Waluigi Read Only Works in various modes. The character will be chosen as the lead character in Toad Scramble, be given double items in Coinathlon, unlock a stamp in the character museum and be a 3D game piece in Mario Shuffle.
Hey! Pikmin 3DS Waluigi (Super Mario Series Figure) Read Only Unlock amiibo exclusive secret spots and obtain the "Insensitive Lout" Statue.
Super Mario Odyssey Switch Waluigi Read Only This amiibo will be named by Uncle amiibo, and will find lost Power Moons and mark them in the map.

You can also receive the Waluigi Outfit if not already unlocked.

Mario Party: The Top 100 3DS Waluigi Read Only This amiibo can be used to receive 10 coins once per day in an amiibo space on Minigame Island.

If the player runs out of lives, then this amiibo can be used to revive the player once per day.

Smash Bros: Ultimate Switch Waluigi Read Only Unlocks Waluigi Spirit


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