Tiki is a character from the Fire Emblem series, debuting in the first game, Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light, and becoming one of the franchises' more prolific recurring characters, making appearances in future games like Fire Emblem: Awakening and Fire Emblem Heroes, as well as in crossovers such as Super Smash Bros. and Tokyo Mirage Sessions ♯FE.

The Tiki Amiibo was released in conjunction with Fire Emblem Warriors


Hailing from the Fire Emblem™ series, Tiki resides in Valm as the Voice of the Divine Dragon. You might be surprised to learn that she is 3,000 years old. As befitting one from the Divine Dragon tribe, she has a very calm demeanor...but every so often, she'll show her youthful spirit.

Compatible gamesEdit


Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Read-onlyEdit

Unlocks a Tiki spirit for the World of Light and Spirit game modes. TiKi is a 2 star Primary Spirit with three slots for Support spirits, and a base power level of 1,583. Tiki is a grey colored spirit- granting her no particular advantage or disadvantage against any other spirit color types. At level 99, Tiki's spirit can be enhanced into Tiki (Naga's Voice), based on her older appearance from Fire Emblem: Awakening- increasing her base power to 2,864 and granting the fighter using her a passive resistance to Fire and Explosion damage.

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