Super Mario Maker is a creation tool video game which allows users to make levels from the Super Mario series. Players can base their levels on the gameplay and visual style of games including Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros. 3, Super Mario World, and New Super Mario Bros. U, with players able to change the visual style to different games.

The game was first announced at E3 2014 under the name Mario Maker. The game was conceived as a tool by Nintendo's internal development team, to be used within the company; the game was demonstrated under the new name, on June 14, 2015, during the final round of the Nintendo World Championships 2015 event preceding E3. The game was later released on the 3DS on December 2, 2016, as well as a sequel on June 28, 2019.



Players can scan amiibo to add in a Mystery Mushroom, which transforms Mario into other Nintendo characters based on the figure scanned, or Big Mushrooms, which can be added with Pixel Mario amiibo.

The 3DS version is not compatible with amiibo.

The music and sound effects of the game also change depending on the scanned figures.

The following figures can be used to unlock Big Mushrooms:

The following figures can be used to unlock Mystery Mushrooms:

# Image Costume Compatible amiibo
1 SMM-MysteryMushroom.png Mystery Mushroom N/A (Starter)
2 SMM-Mario.png Mario Mario (Super Smash Bros.)
Mario (Super Mario)
3 SSM-PeachCostume.png Peach Peach (Super Smash Bros.)
Peach (Super Mario)
4 SSM-LuigiCostume.png Luigi Luigi (Super Smash Bros.)
Luigi (Super Mario)
5 SSM-BowserCostume.png Bowser Bowser (Super Smash Bros.)
Bowser (Super Mario)
Hammer Slam Bowser
6 SSM-GoombaCostume.png Goomba Goomba
7 SSM-QuestionBlockCostume.png Question Block N/A (Starter)
8 SSM-TrampolineCostume.png Trampoline N/A (Starter)
9 SMM-ToadCostume.png Toad Toad
10 SMM-BowserJrCostume.png Bowser Jr. Bowser Jr.
14 SMM-YoshiCostume.png Yoshi Yoshi (Super Smash Bros.)
Yoshi (Super Mario)
22 SMM-MarioKartCostume.png Mario Kart N/A
23 SMM-WaluigiCostume.png Waluigi Waluigi
24 SMM-WoollyYoshiCostume.png Woolly Yoshi Green Yarn Yoshi
25 SMM-PinkYarnYoshiCostume.png Pink Yarn Yoshi Pink Yarn Yoshi
26 SMM-LightBlueYarnYoshiCostume.png Light Blue Yarn Yoshi Light Blue Yarn Yoshi
27 SMM-MegaYarnYoshiCostume.png Mega Yarn Yoshi Mega Yarn Yoshi
28 SMM-DonkeyKongJrCostume.png Donkey Kong Jr. N/A
29 SMM-DonkeyKongCostume.png Donkey Kong Donkey Kong (Super Smash Bros.)
Turbo Charge Donkey Kong
Donkey Kong (Super Mario)
30 SMM-DiddyKongCostume.png Diddy Kong Diddy Kong (Super Smash Bros.)
Diddy Kong (Super Mario)
31 SMM-KirbyCostume.png Kirby Kirby (Super Smash Bros.)
Kirby (Kirby)
32 SMM-KingDededeCostume.png King Dedede King Dedede (Super Smash Bros.)
King Dedede (Kirby)
33 SMM-MetaKnightCostume.png Meta Knight Meta Knight (Super Smash Bros.)
Meta Knight (Kirby)
34 SMM-PitCostume.png Pit Pit
35 SMM-PalutenaCostume.png Palutena Palutena
36 SMM-DarkPitCostume.png Dark Pit Dark Pit
37 SMM-MegaManCostume.png Mega Man Mega Man
41 SMM-MarthCostume.png Marth Marth
42 SMM-IkeCostume.png Ike Ike
43 SMM-CharizardCostume.png Charizard Charizard
44 SMM-GreninjaCostume.png Greninja Greninja
45 SMM-PikachuCostume.png Pikachu Pikachu
46 SMM-LucarioCostume.png Lucario Lucario
47 SMM-JigglypuffCostume.png Jigglypuff Jigglypuff
48 SMM-MewtwoCostume.png Mewtwo Mewtwo
51 SMM-CaptainOlimarCostume.png Captain Olimar Olimar
52 SMM-PikminCostume.png Pikmin Pikmin
53 SMM-LinkCostume.png Link Link
54 SMM-ZeldaCostume.png Zelda Zelda (Super Smash Bros.)
55 SMM-GanondorfCostume.png Ganondorf Ganondorf
56 SMM-Sheik.png Sheik Sheik
57 SMM-ToonLinkCostume.png Toon Link Toon Link (Super Smash Bros.)
58 SMM-TingleCostume.png Tingle N/A
59 SMM-WiiFitTrainer.png Wii Fit Trainer Wii Fit Trainer
62 SMM-InklingSquid.png Inkling Squid Inkling Squid
63 SMM-InklingBoy.png Inkling Boy Inkling Boy
64 SMM-InklingGirl.png Inkling Girl Inkling Girl
66 SMM-Reese.png Reese Reese
67 SMM-Mabel.png Mabel Mabel
69 SMM-IsabelleCostume.png Isabelle (Winter Outfit) Isabelle (Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival)
77 SMM-CelesteCostume.png Celeste Celeste (ACAF)
Celeste (ACHHD)
78 SMM-KicksCostume.png Kicks Kicks (ACAF)
81 SMM-DigbyCostume.png Digby Digby (ACAF)
88 SMM-DuckHuntCostume.png Duck Hunt Duck Hunt
94 SMM-SlippyCostume.png Slippy Toad N/A
95 SMM-PeppyCostume.png Peppy Hare N/A
97 SMM-MahjongTileCostume.png Mahjong Tile N/A
98 SMM-DrLobeCostume.png Dr. Lobe N/A
99 SMM-AshleyCostume.png Ashley N/A

Other amiibo figures include:


  • Completing a mode called "100 Mario Challenge" will unlock the same costumes as the figures.
  • Sanrio included Hello Kitty and My Melody in Super Mario Maker as Mystery Mushroom costumes.


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