Super Mario Cereal.

Super Mario Cereal is a cereal by Kelloggs that has an amiibo chip embedded into the box, the Delicious amiibo. The amiibo is compatible with Super Mario Odyssey. When scanned in Super Mario Odyssey it can reveal a power moon location like all generic amiibo figures. There are no other compatible games as of now that do not support all amiibo figures.

Aside from it's somewhat lacking amiibo functionality, it contains a cereal similar to that of Lucky Charms but with star-shaped cereal and the marshmallows being in the shape of 1-Up Mushrooms, Mario's hat (possibly Cappy), and Question Mark (item) Blocks. The cereal itself was released without the amiibo in a more generic Super Mario themed box rather than the Super Mario Odyssey themed box with the compatible amiibo.

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