Style Savvy: Fashion Forward (Japanese:スタイル賢明なファッションフォワード, Sutairu kenmeina fasshonfowādo, Girls Mode 3: Kirakira Code) known as Nintendo Presents: New Style Boutique 2 − Fashion Forward in Europe, is a fashion-themed simulation video game developed by Syn Sophia and published by Nintendo in Japan, Europe and Australia in 2015, and in North America in 2016. It is the third installment in the Style Savvy series, following Style Savvy (2008) and Style Savvy: Trendsetters (2012) and it's successor Style Savvy: Styling Star.

amiibo Edit

amiibo used in this game will unlock an exclusive clothing item or accessory inspired by characters from Nintendo games.

Usage Edit

In the game, amiibo are used to unlock special clothes and accessories based on the Super Mario Bros. and Super Smash Brothers series.

Compatible Figures and CardsEdit

  • Mario = Unlocks a Beret similar to Mario's cap
  • Peach = Unlocks a Peach crown
  • Yoshi = Unlocks Yoshi themed hoodies
  • Kirby = Unlocks a Kirby-shaped purse
  • LuigiBowser, & Toad = Unlock a star-shaped brooch
  • Inkling Girl = Unlocks white leggings with colorful paint markings
  • Samus = Unlocks a grey visor
  • Zero Suit Samus = Unlocks black and blue short boots
  • Sheik = Unlocks the Sheikah Scarf
  • Zelda = Unlocks Zelda's tiara
  • Rosalina = Unlocks a short turquoise dress
  • Wii Fit Trainer = Unlocks earrings shaped like the Trainer
  • Isabelle = Unlocks a white blouse with a green gingham vest
  • Palutena = Unlocks a top to match the top of her dress
  • Lucina = Unlocks a blue and gold miniskirt

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