Star Fox Zero (スターフォックスゼロ Sutāfokkusuzero) is the seventh game in the Star Fox series, a 3D scrolling shooter video game themed around aircraft combat being co-developed between Nintendo and Platinum Games and is published by Nintendo for the Wii U.

In December 2014, Shigeru Miyamoto stated that the game will be released before the release of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. He also confirmed that the game will be compatible with amiibo, but did not specify in what way. On January 2015, he confirmed that the game will be playable at the E3 2015 event and reiterated of the GamePad/monitor gameplay method, which "will allow for cinematic moments to blend with continuous gameplay."



Using the Fox amiibo will unlock a retro arwing from the SNES game. The retro arwing shoots SNES-style nova bombs with a fully charged shot.

The Falco amiibo will unlock a special black arwing that deals twice the damage but also takes twice the damage.

Compatible Figures


  • Miyamoto revealed during E3 that an Arwing amiibo was being considered, even a transformable version had been discussed, but he also said that they are not sure when it will be ready to be announced for sale.
    • These were cancelled as they were unable to meet the safety standards for kids, the idea isn't completely scrapped, it just is for now. Instead, Fox and Falco amiibo will give alternate designs for the Arwing.


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