Shovel Knight is an amiibo created by Yacht Club Games. It is currently only compatible with the Shovel Knight game and Azure Striker Gunvolt 2, but will be compatible with the upcoming sequel to Shovel Knight, Shovel Knight: Specter of Torment.

Compatibility Edit

Appearance Edit

Shovel Knight wears blue armor with white horns called the Stalwart Plate. According to the game Shovel Knight it is "Simple but sturdy". He wields his trusty blue shovel called the Shovel Blade, for obvious reasons.

Description Edit

A practitioner of the ancient code of Shovelry, Shovel Knight can do almost anything with his signature weapon, the Shovel Blade. His ingenuity and quick thinking have won him many battles, even though his stature is small! Always honest and helpful, Shovel Knight lives by the code of Shovelry: Slash Mercilessly and Dig Tirelessly!


  • The Shovel Knight amiibo was distributed by Yacht Club Games themselves.
    • Due to this, it was later discovered that Shovel Knight amiibo would be produced in the same factory where other non-amiibo Toys-to-life figures were produced.
  • He is the first amiibo of a third-party character to not be in the Super Smash Bros. line (excluding Hammer Slam Bowser and Turbo Charge Donkey Kong.)
  • In the original reveal trailer for the Shovel Knight amiibo, the base was gold, similar to the bases of the characters in the Super Smash Bros. line. During official production, the base was changed to a metallic purple.
  • This is the first amiibo figure that can be scanned through the box after Nintendo added pieces of cardboard to block amiibo scanning through the box.

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