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Rosalina is a character figure available in the 3rd wave of amiibo figures for Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U. It was released on February 1, 2015 in North America and is exclusive to Target stores in the United States.


Game Platform Scans as... Read/Write? Description
Super Smash Bros. (Ultimate) Wii U


Rosalina Read + Write Train your FP fighter and level it up in offline modes to create a worthy friend or foe. Data is transferable between Wii U and 3DS, but not between Ultimate without losing FP levels and ability to be used on Wii U and 3DS.
Mario Kart 8 (Deluxe) Wii U


Rosalina Read Only Receive a Rosalina themed Mii Racing Suit
Mario Party 10 Wii U Rosalina Read + Write Use this amiibo in the amiibo party mode, and save tokens and bases to the amiibo.

You can also use it in Photo Studio when you unlock Rosalina's model.

Style Savvy: Fashion Forward 3DS Rosalina Read Only Complete the fashion task to receive the Starry Dress. It comes in multiple colors.
Yoshi's Woolly World Wii U


Rosalina Read Only Unlock a Rosalina themed Yoshi for use anytime.
Super Mario Maker Wii U Rosalina Read Only Unlock a Rosalina Mystery Mushroom costume with sound effects from Super Mario Galaxy.
Chibi-Robo! Zip Lash 3DS Rosalina Read Only A pose of Chibi Robo imitating Smash Bros Rosalina & Luma will be added to the Capsule Machine (requires a Chibi Robo amiibo)
Mario Tennis Ultra Smash Wii U Rosalina Read + Write Train your tennis partner in the Knockout Challenge Mode and upgrade their skills for use in doubles online matches.
Mini Mario and Friends: amiibo challenge! Wii U




Read Only Play as Mini Rosalina in exclusive levels. He has the Wall Jump ability.
Kirby: Planet Robobot 3DS Rosalina & Luma Read Only Gives Kirby the Ice ability when scanned.
Metroid Prime: Federation Force 3DS Rosalina Read Only (Blast Ball Only): Unlocks a Rosalina themed paint job for the Mech.
Mario Party: Star Rush 3DS Rosalina Read Only Works in various modes. The character will be chosen as the lead character in Toad Scramble, be given double items in Coinathlon, unlock a stamp in the character museum and be a 3D game piece in Mario Shuffle.

If a Mario Party 10 token is detected, then this character will give you a Gold, Silver or Bronze Dice Block depending on the token stored.

Miitopia 3DS Rosalina (figure) Read Only The amiibo girl will give you a Rosalina themed costume when scanned.
Super Mario Odyssey Switch Rosalina & Luma Read Only This amiibo will be named by Uncle amiibo, and will find lost Power Moons and mark them in the map.
Mario Party: The Top 100 3DS Rosalina Read Only This amiibo can be used to receive 10 coins once per day in an amiibo space on Minigame Island.

If the player runs out of lives, then this amiibo can be used to revive the player once per day.


Rosalina is a tall woman, bearing a resemblance to Peach. However, Rosalina's skin is paler, her eyes are a lighter shade of blue, and her hair is a lighter blond than Peach's. She wears purple nail polish and has a large bang which obscures her right eye. Her brooch, crown, and earrings are star-shaped. The brooch and crown are silver, as are her high heels, while the earrings are yellow. Rosalina also wears a number of jewels, including a yellow jewel inside the brooch and crown jewels that are pink and turquoise. Her gown cuts off at the top of her chest, where a powder-blue flap loops around, and has long sleeves with wide openings at the bottom, which are topped with powder-blue frills. Rosalina also holds a silver wand with a golden star at the top.


Rosalina travels through space in a starship called the Comet Observatory. Motherly and protective of the many Lumas that she travels with, she guards the cosmos against any and all threats. Wielding a Star Wand and her signature blue dress, Rosalina always seems cool even in the face of danger.


  • The Rosalina amiibo was originally going to be Target exclusive in Canada, just like the US. However, due to Target closing down all of their stores in Canada, Rosalina is available at any retailer that sells amiibo.
  • Rosalina is currently the 10th best selling amiibo in Australia.
  • An infamous individual going by the moniker "Mariotehplumber" has become notoriously recognized for spending $4,000 in buying and scalping 100 Rosalina Amiibo figures in bulk. In an interview he reasoned why he did this, and his reason was that he harbors an absolute resentment for Rosalina herself, bashing Nintendo for her creation, promotion, and inclusion in recent Rosalina games, heavily criticizing and disliking of her fanbase, and assuming her Amiibo figurine will be amongst the most popular, he bought 100 of her Amiibo figurine in order to make her fans unhappy by not letting them be able to get her Amiibo figurine. He goes on to say that he also has a strong dislike for other female Nintendo characters (Lucina, Palutena, Robin, and Zero Suit Samus), stating that he will be planning to buy a large quantity of those characters' Amiibo figurines due to saying that he has an additional $35,000 to spend on additional Amiibo figurines. Many have condemned his actions and his thoughts, although there has been some debate on the authenticity and intent of his actions.
  • The amiibo box art says it's name is Rosalina, despite the fact that in Super Smash Bros. she is named Rosalina and Luma.