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The Pit figure is a character figure available in the second wave of amiibo figures. It was released in December 2014.



Pit looks like a young man with brown hair. He has two big wings on his back since he's an angel. He wears a white robe with a brown belt. On his feet, he has brown sandals with ankle armor. He holds a blue and gold weapon that can be blades or a bow. He wears gold bracelets and a gold tiara. Under his robe, he has black biker shorts. On his Super Smash Bros. figure, he seems to be floating with one leg bended. His hands are in the air on both sides of his body. His feet are supported by light blue stands.


Pit is the captain of Palutena's royal guard and hero of the Kid Icarus games. Despite the wings on his back, Pit needs the Power of Flight from Palutena in order to truly fly. With the aid of Palutena, goddess of light, Pit fends off the resurrection of Medusa and her Underworld Army to save the land from the dark goddess.


  • Pit is currently the 9th best selling amiibo in Japan, 4th in U.S + Canada, and 8th in Europe.
  • Pit, alongside Captain Falcon and Little Mac, have become amongst the hardest amiibos to find, in similar vain to the "Holy Trinity" of Amiibo, which consist of Marth, Wii Fit Trainer, and Villager.