Picross 3D Round 2 is a sequel to Picross 3D. It is the 3rd Picross game for the 3DS and the first in the series to have Amiibo support.


Certain Amiibos will unlock new puzzles. There are no figures specifically associated with the game. Amiibo puzzles are special models that use custom geometry instead of being constructed from the game's normal blocks. Any variation of the following characters will unlock a specified puzzle:

  • Kirby (any): Unlocks puzzle № 364
  • King Dedede (any): Unlocks puzzle № 366
  • Meta Knight (any): Unlocks puzzle № 367
  • Link (any): Unlocks puzzle № 368.
  • Mario (any) or Dr. Mario: Unlocks puzzle № 369
  • Luigi (any): Unlocks puzzle № 370
  • Peach (any) & Toad (any): Unlocks puzzle № 371
  • Yoshi (any): Unlocks puzzle № 372
  • Bowser (any): Unlocks puzzle № 373


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