The line of amiibo figures has obviously generated related items that are not figurines. Here is a list of these items.

Transport CasesEdit

These are items that allow you to put your amiibo in them and transport them easily

Super Mario Question Block CaseEdit


This one is in the shape of a question block from the Mario series.It is designed by the company Power A. It has zippers on two of its sides that open an hole on the top of the block. Inside the box are multiple motifs representing things from the Mario series like Mario, Luigi, Peach, Toad, Yoshi, Koopa shells, brick blocks, hit coin blocks, Yoshi eggs, Fire Flowers, coins and Starmen. This is sold for $19.99.

Super Mushroom Case


This case is designed to resemble a Power Mushroom from the Mario series with a white circle around it. It is also designed by the company Power A. It opens up via a zipper that goes around the circle. It also has a white handle with the amiibo logo to transport the case. Inside it, there are multiple images of Power Mushrom on a black background. This is sold for $14.99.

Carry CaseEdit


This is a blue cube that opens on two sides with zippers. One side features the amiibo character banner feautured in other promotional material. The front has a picture of Mario while the back has the amiibo logo. This is sold for $9.99.


Travel CaseEdit

This is a black pouch with the the amiibo logo on the front. It features a handle to carry it easily. It retails for $29.99.

Universal Green Mushroom CaseEdit


This case is almost identical to the Red Mushroom Case with the exception that it represents a green 1Up mushroom instead of a Power Mushroom. It was designed by BD & A and is a GameStop exclusive.

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