Mario Party: Star Rush is the a game of the Mario franchise, being the second game of the Mario Party series for the Nintendo 3DS (after Mario Party: Island Tour) and the fourteenth overall. It will be released in Europe, Australia and New Zealand on October 2016, and on North America on November 2016.

The game introduces a new gameplay style to the franchise, where all of the players move at the same time. The main mode, called Toad Scramble, consists of moving through a board using a Toad, recruiting ally characters throughout the game and using then in Mini Games and Boss Battles.

Corresponding amiibo functionsEdit

The game supports all amiibo in the main menu - but only Super Mario related amiibo in the main modes of the game. Pressing L will reveal an amiibo option, and scanning an amiibo triggers effects such as fireworks or balloons. Players can unlock Rosalina, Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong immediately if they have the amiibo.

Game Modes Edit

Toad Scramble

If the player scans amiibo of a playable character in single player mode, the ally will appear in Toad Scramble as the leader, and cannot be stolen by COM opponents. Players will also receive a Double Dice Block at the beginning of the game. The amiibo character will also be more powerful than other characters in the game. Coinathlon

Scanning an amiibo of a playable character in Coinathlon Mode will allow said playable character to obtain two of each item in game. They will also get a starting item, depending on the amiibo used.

Mario Shuffle

Scanning a compatible amiibo will make a 3D figure of the amiibo character appear, with a 4-5-6 dice block. Scanning Gold Mario or Silver Mario will give you Silver and Gold Dice Blocks respectively. Bowser, Bowser Jr. and Boo are playable in this mode.

Boo's Block Party

Scanning the Boo amiibo will increase the number of Boos on screen.

Challenge Tower

When a player falls off the tower, they get the option to use amiibo of any playable character to get a second chance. The character you scan will replace the character you selected. Each amiibo can only be used once per day.

Character Museum

Scanning an amiibo of a character in the Character Museum will unlock a stamp to display for the character. Scanning the amiibo in for the first time will allow you to gain 50 bonus experience points.

Rhythm Recital

The Dr. Mario amiibo unlocks "Chill" immediately. This function is unavailable if you have already unlocked the song through normal gameplay.


Compatible figures Edit

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