The Lucario figure is a character figure available in the 3rd wave of amiibo figures. It was released exclusively to Toys 'R' Us stores in February of 2015 in North America, until October 2015, where he got a restock at Best Buy stores.



Lucario can track a form of energy called an aura, given off by all living creatures. Lucario is the only known Fighting- and Steel-type Pokémon and evolves from Riolu during the day when its happiness is high enough. Lucario specializes in attacks that use aura energy, like Dark Pulse, and its can’t-miss move, Aura Sphere.



  • He is the only Pokémon in Wave 3
  • He is the second Pokémon as a amiibo. The first was Pikachu, the third is Greninja, then Charizard, then Jigglypuff, and the sixth is Mewtwo.
    • Fittingly this is a total of 6 Pokemon, the very amount a trainer can have on their team at once in Pokemon games.
  • It's description says it is the only Fighting/Steel-type, even though Cobalion also exists.

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