Kirby and the Rainbow Curse (Japanese:カービーと虹の呪い, Kābī to niji no noroi) (タッチ!カービィ スーパーレインボー Tatchi! Kābī Sūpāreinbō, Touch! Kirby Super Rainbow) known in Europe as Kirby and the Rainbow Paintbrush, is the sequel to the 2005 DS game Kirby: Canvas Curse. In the game, you control Kirby by creating lines on the GamePad for him to slide on and move.

In this game, Kirby series amiibo unlock new abilities, costumes, and stat upgrades for the in-game Kirby character.



Scanning a Kirby figure will allow you to use Star Dash at any time. Scanning a Meta Knight figure gives Kirby his mask and increases his attack power. Scanning a King Dedede figure gives Kirby his hat and increases Kirby's overall health.

Compatible FiguresEdit


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