The Ike figure is a character figure available in the third wave of amiibo figures. It was first seen in the 50-Fact Extravaganza video where it was seen fighting against Ness, Peach and Charizard amiibo. It was later revealed to be released in February 2015 in North America.



Ike is a tall, well-built man with blue hair and a bandana. He wears tattered brown clothes with blue and gold armor pads on his left shoulder and shins. He has a long red cape, with a gold crest on the back. In his right hand he holds his giant golden sword, Ragnell, planted into the ground.


One of the main characters from the Fire Emblem series. Having fought in the Mad King’s War, restored the fallen nation of Crimea, and taken on the Begnion Empire, Ike is rightly called a hero. He has the strength to back the title – his powerful blade makes him a match for any foe.


  • Ike is currently the highest selling amiibo in Australia.
  • It's common for Ike amiibo to have bent swords from the packaging.
  • An Ike amiibo was the first thing to be sold in Amazon Mexico.[1]



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