Hammer Slam Bowser is a hybrid of amiibo and Skylander. He's of the Fire element, and his signature vehicle is the Clown Cruiser. He's avaliable in the Wii and Nintendo 3DS Starter Pack of SuperChargers and also in a Dual Pack with his vehicle.



Bowser is the King of the Koopas and believes himself to be the supreme, unquestioned ruler of a kingdom far from Skylands. A hot-tempered and spiky-shelled warrior, he was transported to Skylands by traveling through a rift that had been created by Kaos' terrible Sky-Eater. The Skylanders sent out a distress call across all the dimensions to call for reinforcements, and for reasons known only to Bowser himself, he has decided to join this epic battle against Kaos and the Darkness in his Clown Cruiser as the newest and most lethal of all the SuperChargers!


  • One of Bowser's attacks is to summon Koopa Troopas to attack enemies.
  • The Clown Cruiser Vehicle can throw Bullet Bills.
  • Bowser originally would have had the ability to turn into Giga Bowser, but Vicarious Visions decided to make something new, and created the Magma Bowser transformation.


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