Gold One-Eyed Rathalos Rider (Male) was the prize for winning a competition held by Capcom at the Monster Hunter Summit in 2017. Not much is known about the amiibo. Most infor shown here is up fro debate as the only source of this amiibo (linked bellow) is in Japanese.

(Possible) Winners: * NAOKing *, Ah-san, gralis, UNKNOWN, McPork

"In this tournament, we have been working hard to aim for the double crown together with Kizuna King of “Monster Hunter Stories”. I won the title of "Kizuna Ou" in the Nagoya area tournament, and the title "Kaiou" of "Monster Hunter Double Cross" in this final tournament. I'm really happy. Thank you very much." - NAOKing

"During the final quest, when I was in Akuma Diablos, the operation procedure was misaligned and I panicked with my first mistake, but thanks to my partner's flexible correction of the operation. Thank you." - Ah-san



Amiibo is introduced here.

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