Fire Emblem Warriors is a hack and slash musou game developed by Dynasty Warriors' Omega Force in collaboration with Team Ninja and Intelligent Systems and co-published by Nintendo and Koei Tecmo Games for the Switch and New Nintendo 3DS. It is a battlefield mashup featuring characters from across the Fire Emblem series, primarily drawing from Fire Emblem: Awakening, Fire Emblem: Fates and Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon, playing much in the same vein as Hyrule Warriors.



All Fire Emblem franchise amiibo can be scanned into Fire Emblem Warriors, with up to five possible amiibo scans available each day. When using the amiibo gift option in the Extras menu, scanning a figure will add a random item of varying quality levels to your inventory. Once you have unlocked the character the amiibo is based on, the figure will only add weapons of the class used by that character- so Marth only add new Swords, while Robin adds Tomes. Interestingly, Alm is counted as a second Celica figure.

The first time you scan one of the two amiibo released alongside the game, Chrom and Tiki, instead of a random Sword or Dragonstone, you receive an exclusive named weapon of significant power. Chrom drops Chrom's Training Sword while Tiki drops Tiki's Tear- both weapons are E-Rank weapons that require no upgrades to equip, and are significantly more powerful than the majority of dropped weapons of similar ranks. However, they have no slots, and they will be phased out of use once the player has gained Scrolls and Opuses for their Units.

Additionally, a non-Fire Emblem amiibo scanned for the amiibo gift option will grant a random reward, which includes gold of a varying amount (500, 5,000, and 50,000), materials for crafting Crests, and weapons of varying quality.

Figures CompatibleEdit

Figure Unique Drop Standard Drop
Marth None Swords
Ike None Any Weapons
Robin None Tomes
Lucina None Swords
Roy None Any Weapons
Corrin None Swords
Alm None Swords
Celica None Swords
Chrom Chrom's Training Sword Swords
Tiki Tiki's Tear Dragonstones


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