Daisy is a figure in the second Wave of the Super Mario line of Amiibo. It was be released on North America and Europe on October 4th, 2016.


Game Platform
Mini Mario and Friends amiibo Challange 3DS
Yoshi's Woolly World 3DS
Mario Party: Star Rush 3DS
Miitopia 3DS
Hey! Pikmin 3DS
Conga Master Party! Switch
Super Mario Odyssey Switch
Mario Party: The Top 100 3DS
Bayonetta 2 Switch

Description Edit

She's got a gown and a crown, but this friendly princess is totally down to earth. Daisy's always ready for a challenge, whether she's smashing tennis balls or jumping over hurdles. The ruler of Sarasaland loves the thrill of the chase, too—especially when she's zooming around on a kart.

Trivia Edit

  • The reference to Daisy being "down to earth" in her figure description may be a reference to Rosalina's recent popularity in the Super Mario series.
  • Princess Daisy is the only character in Super Mario Maker whose costume is incompatible with her respective amiibo.


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