The Charizard figure is a character figure available in one of the sets of amiibo figures. It has never been seen before the 1/14/15 direct, however, in-game footage of it was shown in the 50-Fact Extravaganza video where it was seen fighting against Ness, Peach and Ike amiibos. It is later revealed to be in the fourth wave of Amiibos alongside Ness, Wario, Robin, Lucina, and Pac-Man.


Charizard is an orange dragon-like creature. It has a long, reptilian head with two horns and a large mouth with four fangs. Its large wings have teal undersides, and it has white claws on its hands and feet. Its most defining feature is the flame on the end of its tail, which is rendered in clear plastic for the amiibo (similar to Mario's fireball).


Charizard is the iconic Fire- and Flying-type Pokémon. Its scorching fiery breath can melt anything in its path. Charizard is known to fly around the sky in search of powerful opponents. However, it never turns its fire on opponents weaker than itself.



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